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INDEX – Abroad – Boris Johnson banned from entering Russia

Moscow claims the decision was made in response to the UK’s imposition of sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine BBC.

In March, Russia imposed a similar ban on US President Joe Biden.

The full list includes the following people:

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson
  • Secretary of State Liz Truss
  • Defense Minister Ben Wallace
  • Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice
  • Home Secretary Priti Patel
  • Finance Minister Rishi Sunak
  • Mr. Kwasi Kwarteng Minister of State for Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Nadine Doris, Minister of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports
  • James Hebby, Secretary of State for Military Affairs
  • Nicola Sturgeon is Scotland’s first minister
  • Suila Braverman is the attorney general
  • Theresa May is a Conservative MP and former Prime Minister

According to a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry, the reason for the decision

London’s wild information and the political campaign to isolate Russia internationally and stifle our country’s economy.


The British leadership deliberately aggravated the situation in Ukraine, supplied the Kyiv regime with offensive weapons, and as a member of NATO participated in coordinating such actions.

(Cover photo: Boris Johnson. Photo: Ben Stansall/Paul/AFP)

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