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Index – Abroad – Brexit: More than 140,000 Hungarians have applied for stable status

According to the latest figures released by the British Home Office on Thursday, more than 140,000 Hungarian citizens have applied for settled status so far. The Department of State for Immigration has drawn the attention of EU citizens living in Great Britain to the approaching deadline for incorporation applications, which is June 30.

Britain withdrew from the European Union on January 31 last year, but EU citizens who have legally and habitually settled in the country by the end of 2020, at the end of the transition period that followed the end of British membership in the EU, can continue to keep everything they have. acquired rights. However, they must apply for an indefinite residence permit.

According to the UK Home Office’s first detailed quarterly summary of the year released on Thursday, 5.3 million of the 27 EU citizens living in the UK had done so by March 31.

At the top of the country-by-country list are Poles and Romanians with 975,180 and 918,270 applications for incorporation, respectively. In the first five fields are Italian 500,550, Portuguese 376,440 and Spanish 320,850. Citizens of these five countries submitted 58 percent of all settlement requests submitted by the end of the first quarter of this year.

Of the citizens of the largest EU member state living in Great Britain, the French have submitted 206,910 and the Germans 145,420 applications for permanent residence.

According to UK Home Office statistics

The Hungarians are in the middle with 140,460 creation requests.

Detailed instructions developed for management are also available in Hungarian By clicking on this link British government website.

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