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Index – abroad – Britain begins a cautious reopening today

Many were waiting for Boris Johnson’s statement that Britain was easing epidemiological standards due to the favorable data. The British Prime Minister finally announced last Monday that there is no domestic epidemic indicator that would force the government to deviate from its timetable for gradually removing the restrictions.

Traveling abroad – only in justified cases

It is indeed welcome that the pre-set conditions for further easing of restrictions have been met, so that the UK will gradually open up. The second phase may take place from April 12thAccording to the preliminary plans

The Hungarian Embassy in London responded In the news That according to the UK government’s agenda, stores as well as restaurants may open partially on Mondays.

On this basis, stores selling non-essential household goods will reopen in Britain on Monday, April 12, as will restaurants – restaurants and bars – that have the potential to serve outdoors, without business hours.

Relaxation also applies to companies that provide personal services, including hairdressing salons, beauty salons, gyms, and community facilities such as libraries, and domestic tourism in England will be made possible through the use of self-catering accommodations.

However, London ambassador Ferenc Komen drew attention to the fact of this

The relaxation operations, which will take effect on Monday, will affect movements and recreation within the country, which of course will be a great source of relief for the Hungarians who live here, as strict restrictions have been imposed in most parts of the UK since the beginning of January.

With the gradual reopening of stores and services, many will be able to return to work and there will be more opportunities to organize outdoor meetings.

In Wales, the catering sector is set to open on April 26, with indoor bars opening at the end of May. Moreover, in Scotland There are several classification categories Depending on how widespread the virus is, so It is desirable that everyone checksWhat rules apply to your place of residence.

The Hungarian embassy website has been separate since the start of the epidemic last year Coronavirus menu item You can read our frequently asked questions and answers on this topic, which help Hungarians living in the UK and those considering entry find their way.

The diplomat emphasized that international travel from the UK would only continue In some urgent cases Permissible. If someone leaves England for the UK, it will be separated Form It must also be completed, as the reason for the international trip must be indicated or supported by documentation. If the reason for the trip is invalid or not proven correctly, departure may be refused.

The ambassador drew attention to the fact that no one will continue planning to enter accordingly until the Hungarian and British authorities allow it.

According to the opening schedule announced by the British Prime Minister, it will be possible to travel abroad from Great Britain again for tourism purposes from May 17 at the earliest, but according to the evidence presented on Monday, the British government cannot confirm this date. Realistic due to the epidemiological situation and the foreign vaccination. Will be.

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