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Index – Abroad – Britney Spears is free, gives up custody of the father

The singer and her fans are already in the spirit of Britney’s Free Movement been requested for a long time, For someone else to take over guardianship in place of Jimmy Spears. the According to TMZ They will soon submit documents in which Jamie Spears, the singer’s father, agrees to hand over guardianship to someone else.

The document wrote that there was “no official reason” for the singer’s father to be removed from guardianship, and argued that it could be argued that appointing a new guardian would be in Britney’s best interest. It has also been described that Jimmy Spears is being “unfairly attacked” and will continue to fight it, but nonetheless

Mr. Spears will work with the court and his daughter’s new attorney to appoint a new trustee to replace him.

They added that regardless of his official position, Mr. Spears will always be Mrs. Spears’ father and will love her unconditionally and keep her interests in mind. Meanwhile, in the document, Jamie Spears also complained that Britney’s mother was not involved in guardianship at all. She also indicated that she did not force her daughter to do anything.

The singer’s lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, said they were happy with the decision, but were disappointed that the singer’s mother was also assaulted. But he added that Britney Spears’ father completed nearly a decade and a half of guardianship as part of a formal procedure.

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