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Index – Abroad – Change on Slovak highways, maximum speed increase

They will increase the maximum speed on highways that pass through settlements in Slovakia, writes The New World.

According to the newspaper, the parliament has recently decided the amendments that will come into effect on July 6, 2022. According to the current regulations, the maximum permitted speed is 90 km / h on highway sections of municipalities.

Under the new rules, the speed limit for vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons will be 130 km/h.

It should also be noted such a change in the speed limit because, in general, it is common in Europe to try to reduce the maximum speed. At the beginning of October, for example, it was raised in the European Parliament that Speed ​​can be reduced in residential areas.

According to the Slovak Ministry of Transport, the law is being amended because the new EU regulation, which will come into force, requires that all new cars approved by the relevant authorities after July 6, 2022 have an Intelligent Speed ​​Assistant – ISA that alerts the driver , by displaying a flashing or an audible signal, to exceed the prescribed speed.

The new regulation is already being tested in the capital, Bratislava. At each entrance to the D1 road passing through the city, a sign indicating the end of the built-up area (inscribed Bratislava) was placed along with a road sign, which automatically allowed a speed of 130 km / h.

The amendment caused great outrage on the part of the metropolitan municipality. Mayor Mattos Vallo warned that with cars, if they were going faster, they would automatically generate more noise, as well as increase car emissions as well.

Another important amendment to the bill is the abolition of the concept of so-called authorized services (branded services). To date, these can only be used for more serious repairs, and the car owner cannot transfer the car to another service center if, for example, he does not want to lose the warranty. Under the new regulations, vehicles can be transported to any service center if the work is carried out in the manner specified by the manufacturer and with the required technological equipment.

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