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Index – Abroad – China threatens: He who plays with fire will burn himself

At a press conference in London, the Chinese ambassador, Zheng Chuang, who has been on Parliament’s sanctions list since last summer, reminded the British government of the joint agreement the two countries had signed in 1972. Then the two countries established diplomatic relations with each other – wrote the guardian.

The ambassador’s remarks came as US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi began her visit to Taiwan, which Beijing recognizes as its territory. Pelosi said she was visiting to express her solidarity with Asia’s vibrant democracy, but Beijing issued a series of warnings and threats in response.

China’s Defense Ministry said, on Tuesday, that it has put the People’s Liberation Army on “high alert” and announced a series of targeted military operations, including missile tests in waters east of Taiwan and exercises around the main island for four days, soon. After Pelosi after his departure.

Whoever plays with fire will burn himself

In recent years, there has been increasing tension between China and many Western countries, including the United Kingdom, over Taiwan. According to the Chinese ambassador, the promise of some British politicians to help “defend Taiwan” and the planned visit of members of parliament to the island constitute a “serious violation of the one-China principle and the Sino-British joint agreement.”

We call on the United Kingdom to uphold its commitments (…) not to underestimate the excessive sensitivity of the Taiwan issue and not to follow in the footsteps of the United States

– Csouang said.

he added:

As I said, he who plays with fire burns,

Echoing the warning of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who said the same phrase to his American counterpart, Joe Biden, in a phone conversation last week.

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The Taiwan issue is completely different from the Ukraine issue

The Guardian reported on Monday that this year’s House of Commons foreign affairs committee – possibly in November or early December – Planning a visit to Taiwan.

In response to comments made by British Prime Minister candidates, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, in recent weeks, he has called on British politicians to “stop making up stories” and “get real” in bilateral relations.

The Chinese ambassador also said that “the nature of the Taiwan issue is very different from that of Ukraine” and that statements about the separation of the Chinese and British economies serve its interests and will eventually “undermine the interests of British consumers” due to high inflation. and the cost of living amid the ongoing cost crisis.

But the veteran diplomat was cautious about the candidates.

No matter who becomes the new prime minister, we will work together to improve Sino-British relations

He said.

China blockaded Taiwan after Pelosi’s visit

As we wrote, following the visit of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, China will conduct live-fire military exercises near Taiwan in the coming days, which is practically equivalent to a naval blockade.

The Taiwan government condemned China’s military exercises and wrote: China is effectively “invading” the sovereign territory of Taiwan, and this move amounts to an “air and sea blockade against Taiwan.” In this context, the Defense Ministry said it will respond to any move that violates Taiwan’s territorial sovereignty.

Regarding the military exercises, the Beijing government said: It is better for foreign ships and aircraft to avoid the area while the operation is in progress.

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(Cover Photo: Cheng Chuang. picture: (Jason Lee/Reuters)