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MTI reported that in Romania, further tightening was introduced to curb another wave of the coronavirus epidemic. In a decision issued on Saturday, the government again required the wearing of a protective mask and restrict the passage of unvaccinated people into more infected settlements.

From now on, a protective mask must also be worn outdoors in public places in settlements where more than 6 out of every thousand residents have been diagnosed with infection in the past two weeks. Night-out restrictions have been extended to anyone who has not received a second dose of the coronavirus vaccine or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for at least ten days, or who has not received temporary protection by recovering from infection in the past six months.

Unvaccinated people who have recently tested negative are no longer considered protected in Romania, so an EU Covid digital ID card obtained on this basis no longer provides exemption from curfews and assembly restrictions for unvaccinated people.

In settlements with an infection rate greater than 6 per thousand, night rest periods are restricted only to between 20 and 5 hours on weekends, from Friday to Sunday, and more than 7.5 per thousand each weekday. During this period, only those who have been vaccinated or who have recovered from the infection can leave their place of residence, and without protection they can only take to the streets with a work certificate or a written statement justifying the urgent need.

In settlements greater than 6 in a thousand invasions, shops must be closed no later than 10 pm. Event halls, theatres, cinemas, concert halls, sports facilities, fitness rooms and restaurants may only accept vaccinated or sick people, and up to half of the seats may be used and must be closed by midnight at the latest. In these settlements, special events, weddings, baptisms, and ceremonies can be attended by up to 200 vaccinated or infected participants. There are special regulations for the distance between participants.

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Event organizers or restaurant operators must verify that participants are adequately protected by reading the QR code on the EU’s digital Covid ID.

Exit restrictions were first introduced in the largest cities in Romania. On Saturday, the infection rate in Bucharest exceeded 8 per thousand, in Cluj-Napoca, 7 per thousand, and in Timisoara, 9 thousand per thousand.