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Index – Abroad – Coronavirus patient escaped from hospital and died

In Slovenia, epidemiological measures will be tightened from Monday: tests will have to be done more often, everyone will have to wear a mask and catering units may be closed if regulations are not complied with, according to the Slovenian government website quoted by MTI. .

The Cabinet has decided that primary and secondary school students, as well as undergraduate students who previously had to take a self-test once a week to attend classes, are now required to do so twice a week. Health and social care workers will also be tested more frequently, with a mandatory virus test every 48 hours from November 1.

Those who have been vaccinated or infected should wear a mask indoors. Catering units must check guests for vaccination or recovery certificate, otherwise the test is negative. If they do not submit the document or refuse to submit it, they will not be allowed to enter restaurants and cafes. Otherwise, the catering unit must bear the responsibility, and the inspectors can close the place.

Health Minister Yanez Poklokar announced that if the epidemiological situation worsens and the number of patients treated in the intensive care unit rises to 160-180, a closure is expected again.

As of Thursday, 2,631 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Slovenia. Ten patients died due to complications from Covid-19. Of the coronavirus patients, 547 are in hospital and 131 are in the intensive care unit. In the country of more than 2 million people, 1,185,861 people have so far been vaccinated, and 1,115,773 of them have already taken the second dose. This is 56 percent and 53 percent of the vaccinated population, respectively.

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