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Maariv reported on Friday that the number of new coronavirus infections in Israel is rising again, with the virus infection rate rising to 1.

According to Ministry of Health data measured on Thursday and released on Friday, the upward trend of the coronavirus epidemic over the past two weeks has been continuing, with the rate of R infection rising to about 0.74 from mid-September to the end of October. This means that earlier, during the stagnation of the fourth wave from September to October, only about 74 people were infected with 100 viruses and the epidemic gradually subsided, but this indicator is slowly but surely rising for a month. Currently, 100 people who are already infected are transmitting the coronavirus to 100 people. If this process continues, R will rise above one and the number of new infections will continue to rise, even though the fourth wave of the epidemic caused by the delta variant in the country has fallen dramatically for several weeks after the successful group three vaccination campaign was launched in August.

On Thursday, 467 new viruses were identified by conducting about seventy thousand tests. The proportion of positive cases in testing was 1.71 percent, although at the height of the fourth wave, in early September, it was more than 8 percent. The number of serious cases reached 126 on Thursday, 87 of whom are on a ventilator. Since the outbreak of the disease, there have been 1,339 in the country with a population of about 9.4 million 531 injured were registered by the authorities.

There are currently 5,215 active infections registered in Israel, of which 173 are hospitalized. Since the end of December last year 6 263 415 people have been vaccinated at least once with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, representing 67.35 percent of the country’s population.

In August, another third vaccination campaign was launched to increase protection and reduce the delta wave for those who had already received the second vaccination at least five months earlier. Follow the campaign so far 4 038 711 people took the third dose of the vaccine, representing 43.43 percent of the population.

On Thursday, there was no “red” settlement in the country, which means that it is seriously infected. Medium infection, i.e. 10 “orange” sites, the coronavirus is slightly present in 19 “yellow” towns and villages, and “green” i.e. 251 infected or no Israeli settlements. In mid-September, at the height of the epidemic, most of the dwellings were “red”. 8,154 people died of the coronavirus disease in Israel in February last year, and 10 in the past seven days.

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