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After Saxony and Berlin, Bavaria, one of Germany’s largest provinces, was banned on Tuesday from vaccinating the new type of coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, without protection against Covid-19, due to the increasing spread of the virus from most people. areas of community life. MTI reported.

The basis for protection against the fourth wave of the coronavirus epidemic in Bavaria became the so-called 2G rule, named after the initials of two words, the German equivalent of vaccination and healing (geimpft, genesen). This rule states that only those vaccinated and confirmed to have the infection can be kept in a closed community, even if the unvaccinated have a new negative virus test.

This standard is valid as of Tuesday in hospitality and tourism. The norm in practice is to ban unvaccinated restaurants and hotels. This was the case for many cultural, sports and leisure facilities, such as gymnasiums, sports facilities, theatres, cinemas, museums, zoos, swimming pools, solariums, tourist trains and bus services, as well as discos and clubs. Providers, organizers or operators are required to verify the vaccination certificate or the identity and identity of guests and visitors.

Children under the age of twelve are exempt from this restriction. Those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons can be accepted by submitting a medical certificate and a negative PCR test.

Also from Tuesday, the rule is that a mask rated FFP2 must be worn wherever the 2G rule applies, unless it is possible to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres. This means that in restaurants, for example, guests can only take off their mask while seated. In many other areas, FFP2 mask use has been mandatory for weeks, including in retail, public transportation and religious ceremonies.

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