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Index – Abroad – Countries Most Responsible for Climate Change revealed

From 1850 to the present day, the United States is responsible for climate change, according to a recent study by the British research center Carbon Brief, which estimated that humanity released about 2,500 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

For the first time this year, the Carbon Brief analysis includes not only carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and cement production, but also carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation and land use change.

The United States released 509 gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which represents 20 percent of global emissions.

China ranks second with 282 gigatonnes (11 percent) and Russia is in third place with 172 gigatons (6.9 percent). The fourth Brazil emitted 113 Gt (4.5 percent) and the fifth Indonesia emitted 103 Gt (4.1 percent) of CO2. The last two countries were among the top 10 due to higher emissions from deforestation and land use change.

India ranks sixth with 85 gigatons (3.4 percent), followed by the United Kingdom with emissions of 74.9 gigatons (3 percent). Among the top ten are Japan with 66.7 gigatons (2.7 percent) and Canada with 65 gigatons (2.6 percent) of emissions.

There is a direct link between the 2,500 billion tons of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere since 1850 and the 1.2 degree warming we are already seeing.

Simon Evans, an analyst at Carbon Brief, said: Carbon dioxide from deforestation and land use change cannot be ignored.” It accounts for about a third of all emissions since 1850That is why it is important that this is already taken into account this year.

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