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Index – Abroad – Elon Musk would “unleash” Ukraine’s fate with Putin

Tesla founder Elon Musk told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Twitter this morning to make a decision Forbes.

Later in the day, he insisted his intentions were “very serious,” quoting Dmitry Rogozin Pushkin, head of the state-owned Russian Aerospace Corporation, as saying:

You little devil are still very young. You are weak even for competition, it would just be a waste of time. Try with my brother first.

As Elon Musk posted in Russian on the Kremlin’s official website:

Can you stand up to me

He later continued:

If Putin can humiliate the West so easily, he will have to accept the challenge. But he won’t.

Mikhail Fedorov, Deputy Minister of Ukraine, also took part in the exchange of letters:

I’m sure elonmusk could send Putin to Jupiter.

The term we have translated “boxing” or “challenge” in English means exactly the situation that occurs in legends and folk tales and not in reality, when two armies appear a hero before them, and it is their duel that decides the outcome of the battle.

The comment is also naughty because that’s how the world’s richest man personally addresses Putin, who is in charge of a serious powerhouse. Elon Musk responds to Mikhail Fedorov’s tweet regarding the Ukraine cyber attack in late February Submitted Broadcast online to the country via Starlink satellites launched by SpaceX.

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(Cover Image: Elon Musk speaking at the SpaceX press conference February 10, 2022. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP)