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Index – Abroad – Farewell to the largest floating restaurant in the world

Earlier this week, they finally invited in Hong Kong the Kingdom of Jumbo, one of the city’s main attractions, the huge floating restaurant. Locals gathered in Aberdeen Harbor to bid farewell to the three-story, nearly 80-meter-long boat, which has become a Hong Kong landmark for 45 years with its giant green and red neon lights. Like the CNN I reported that for almost half a century, Jumbo was the largest floating restaurant in the world, and its sister ship was the Tai Pak, which has been in operation since 1952. However, in recent years, only the floating restaurant, that is, the main ship, was actually operating.

The floating restaurant complex itself consisted of a kitchen boat of about 40 meters in length and eight smaller ferries that transported guests between the restaurant and the beach, where Jumbo did not have direct connection with the mainland.

The quality of the food served in the restaurant topped it off with something, but the aim was not to provide fine dining quality.

Most of the food served in the restaurant consists of rice, oysters, oysters, and pasta. Thanks to Jumbo’s philosophy, it was important that the ingredients always be fresh, only what could be caught that day on the guests’ plates. To attract as many guests as possible, the restaurant has offered a free shuttle service from Aberdeen Harbour.

The floating restaurant has also appeared in movies

At the height of the restaurant, he appeared in several world-famous films starring Bruce Lee starring in The Dragon Intervening or The God of Cooking, as well as one of the Spider-Man films.

The company that ran the business has always been losing money, and the amnesty eventually resulted from the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. That’s when the Asian owners decided to temporarily close the complex. In addition to financial problems, the decline in fishing activity contributed to this, as fewer visitors visited the restaurant.

Although there were initially indications that Jumbo would somehow be made available, in the end the high operating costs deterred all potential investors. Even the Hong Kong city government refused to throw a life belt at the company, saying the complex was not covered by the local antiquities law.

The flagship is expected to go to a local pier where it will begin dismantling. Younger brother Tae Bak’s fate has yet to be determined, as well as the kitchen boat serving the restaurant, so they will remain at the port for the time being.

(Cover Photo: Jumbo Kingdom on January 17, 2020. Photo: Justin Chin/Bloomberg/Getty Images Hungary)