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Index – Abroad – Filmmakers attacked by a polar bear in Greenland

many times attack For documentaries, a polar bear in Greenland. The Danish army declared this animal a problem, which means that anyone can kill it if it infects a human again.

Photo: Arktis Kommando, Facebook

A polar bear stuck its head in the carelessly closed window of a research station in northeastern Greenland at dawn on Monday, 400 meters from the Danish military base in Danneburg. MTI reported that he bit one of the three men in the hand before being fired with their alarm pistols.

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Photo: Arktisk Kommando, Facebook

The injured documentary was first treated at the military base and then flown to Iceland for further treatment, the Danish army’s competent unit, Arctic Command (Arktisk Kommando), said on its Facebook page.

The polar bear, also known as the previous five “incidents,” returned to the scene that morning, followed by the dawning night from Monday to Tuesday. He managed to break a window before the two documentaries who stayed there kicked him out again with alarm shots.

According to experts, it serves as a hunting ground for polar bears Ice cover disappearing The iconic arctic animal is forced to search for food on land. Conflict between humans and polar bears is still rare but increasingly common.

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