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Index – Abroad – Five million people in Japan must be evacuated due to rain

Heavy rains are affecting southwestern Japan, and more than five million people will have to be evacuated from their homes due to floods and landslides, CNN.

The strongest level five warning was issued in Saga, Nagasaki, Fukuoka and Hiroshima prefectures, affecting more than one million people, while a level four warning was issued in an additional 17 prefectures, with more than four million people forced to leave their homes.

The Meteorological Authority, which issued the warning, warned of the possibility of heavy rains for about a week.

Deep water people roam the streets to protect their lives while carrying their children or belongings, and firefighters use inflatables to rescue everyone as the water continues to rise.

In the southern part of Kyushu, 40 mm of rain fell in one hour on Saturday, but meteorologists say the rainfall could reach 250 mm by Sunday morning.

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