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Index – Abroad – Follow us on the latest developments in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict!

The Foreign Ministry said on its Twitter page that Israel shares the international community’s concerns about the move in eastern Ukraine and the dangerous escalation of the situation.

Israel hopes for a diplomatic solution that leads to peace and is ready to help if asked

– writes the ministry, which also highlights the concerns of the Israelis and the Jewish community in Ukraine.

Israel is ready to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and is in contact with the Ukrainian authorities on this issue.

The Jewish state, which has repeatedly called for a return to diplomatic efforts.

The statement in support of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty came a day and a half after Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of the two regions of Ukraine.

According to the newspaper, Jerusalem’s offer of diplomatic mediation is significant because Kiev has repeatedly asked Jerusalem for help in the past. Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to this twice, but Putin rejected his offer, just as Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s attempts in October failed.

Kiev considers Jerusalem a neutral mediator because it has good relations with Kiev and Moscow, although Turkey has been asked to do similar work, according to the newspaper’s diplomatic source.

Jerusalem warns of Russian-Ukrainian tensions because Russia has significant military forces on Israel’s northern border in Syria and because it is concerned about large Jewish communities in Russia and Ukraine.

Israel considered it important to ally with the West and support Ukraine. According to a source in the Jerusalem Post, all parties involved in the government talks on Wednesday, including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Foreign Ministry, Avigdor Lieberman and the security services, also agreed to release the statement.

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(via MTI)