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Index – Abroad – Follow us on the latest developments in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict!

But Moscow said it remained “open to diplomacy”. At the meeting, Deputy Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo called Russia’s recognition of the separatist territories in eastern Ukraine a violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. He said, “The coming hours and days will be decisive. The risk of a major conflict is real and should be avoided at all costs.”

The UN ambassador, Linda Thomas Greenfield, representing the United States, called it inappropriate for President Vladimir Putin to call the Russian army a peacekeeping force, justifying the possibility of its entry into the breakaway lands of eastern Ukraine. “We know what they really are,” said the American diplomat.

According to him, this move and Putin’s earlier announcement of Russia’s recognition of the breakaway territories as an independent state is also an unjustified attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. By his actions, he said, Putin ripped the Minsk agreement to shreds. He believed that Putin had put the world before the elections, and this could not stand it, because history shows that a reversal of such hostilities would be a more costly course.

We remain open to diplomacy and a diplomatic solution. However, we do not intend to allow a bloodbath in the Donetsk Basin

Said Vasily Nebenzia, Ambassador of Russia to the United Nations. The diplomat accused the United States and its Western allies of inciting Ukraine to armed provocation.

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