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Index – Abroad – Half of those vaccinated received Coronavirus in Slovakia

Of the 987,555 vaccines who received the first dose of the vaccine, only 4,647 became infected, 0.47 percent. New word Based on the register of the Slovak Public Health Office (ÚVZ).

The agency data also shows that a total of 1,494 positive cases were recorded in the neighboring country after the second dose, regardless of how long it took. There are also reports that 0.4 percent of the 382,953 people who received the second vaccine also became infected.

In principle, complex protection develops 14 days after the second dose.

In contrast, 609 of the vaccines became infected after two weeks, which is only 0.16 percent of those who took the second dose.

In general, it cannot be ruled out that the vaccinated person had an infection shortly before the vaccination was given, or that an adequate amount of antibodies had been formed in their body, according to ÚVZ.

In addition to its good reputation, the agency stressed that none of the vaccines has the ability to produce 100 percent antibodies in the body of a vaccinated person. Antibody development after vaccination also depends on the vaccinated person’s immune system. In a small percentage of vaccines, the immune response caused by the vaccine is insufficient.

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