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Index – Abroad – Heart problems are being investigated in Israel for vaccinating Pfizer

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced, on Sunday, that it will open an investigation into some cases of carditis in those who were vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. Reuters. The manufacturer also spoke about the issue, they wrote, and was not aware of a greater percentage of the problem than would normally be expected among the general public.

As we wrote, Israel, home to 9.3 million people, got the Pfizer vaccine at nearly twice the price, and by vaccinating the entire population of more than 50 percent in huge increases. Suppress the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. The daily infection rate of 8,600, measured in mid-January, had fallen below 380 by April 1, and the daily death rate from Covid had fallen from 61, which peaked at the end of January, to eight by early April.

Nahman Ash, nicknamed the Israeli tsar for the Coronavirus in the foreign press and roughly equivalent to Hungary’s chief medical officer, citing a preliminary study, said:

Dozens of cases of myocarditis have occurred in more than five million vaccinated people, especially after the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The majority of cases were reported up to the age of 30.

In a radio interview and then at a press conference, Nahman Ash said that the Health Ministry is currently investigating whether there is excessive morbidity (disease rate) and whether that can be attributed to vaccinations. But he added that the Ministry of Health has yet to come to any conclusions – this will also be difficult because myocarditis, which often goes away without complications, can be due to different viruses and a similar number of cases in previous years. mentioned.

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The Pfizer manufacturer said to journalists’ questions about the review that it is in regular contact with the Israeli Ministry of Health to review vaccine data. The company said it was “aware of Israeli observations about cardiomyopathy that occurred mainly among young people who were vaccinated with Pfizer – BioNTech Covid-19.”

Adverse events are regularly and comprehensively reviewed, and we have not detected a higher rate of myocarditis than would be expected in the general population. A causal relationship to the vaccine has not been established

The company said, adding that there is currently no evidence that myocarditis is a risk associated with vaccine use.

Even if a link was found between myocarditis cases and vaccination, Nadav Davidovich, director of Ben-Gurion University in Israel, said, it did not seem serious enough to suspend vaccination. They are waiting for a final report, but they still claim so The risk of developing Covid-19 disease is much higher.

(Cover Photo: An Israeli healthcare worker at Maccabi Healthcare Services prepares to administer a dose of the Pfizer-Bio-Tech vaccine on February 24, 2021 in Tel Aviv. Photo: Jacques Juice / AFP)