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Index – Abroad – Hurricane wreaks havoc on the Czech-Slovak border

Europe is divided by a marked limit of air mass, roughly dividing the continent in terms of weather. Temperatures fell sharply in the West, France and Germany Czech Republic Above the storm, storms continue to rise, with summers still erupting between 33 and 40 degrees.

In other words, the front system is slowly but surely penetrating into the interior of the continent, where severe thunderstorms develop west of us almost every day and in the foreground. They are sometimes organized into systems and certainly do not cause serious damage in one place.

It can already be said that the front system was “under the gardens”: today, early in the evening, a hurricane left almost great destruction in the neighboring town of Hodonín on the border between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This frontal area reaches the Carpathian Basin on Friday from the west and northwest.

Here on Friday, the sun’s rays are affected by the veil and cumulus clouds, then the formation of cumulus clouds becomes strong as a result of the oncoming cold front. There is little chance until afternoon, but from late afternoon there will be more rain and thunderstorms. The winds will pick up, and there may be strong, gusty winds along the thunderstorms. The lowest expected temperature is usually between 17 and 23 degrees and the highest between 28 and 37 degrees. Cold air is already reaching the northwestern part of Transdanubia, but the heat wave will continue in the east.

On Saturday, weaker cumulonimbus cloud formation is expected in most areas of Transdanubia and the Southern Great Plain. Intermittent precipitation is likely anywhere at night, in the morning, in the second half of the day there may be showers and thunderstorms in the northeastern part of the country. From the evening, the precipitation disappears almost everywhere. The winds pick up and get stronger in some places, and there may be gusty winds around thunderstorms. The temperature rises from 14-21 degrees in the morning to 25-31 degrees in the afternoon.

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There will be plenty of sunshine on Sunday. There may be showers or thunderstorms in some places. The temperature is expected to be 13 to 19 degrees in the coldest hours. During the day, the air temperature rises to 27-32 degrees – according to the forecast.