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Index – Abroad – Iran will largely see ants through Russian satellite

Russia sells a camera satellite to Iran that will allow it to track its potential military targets in the Middle East He said a file. The satellite can be used to monitor oil refineries in the Persian Gulf and military bases in Israel or Iraq.

The resolution of the camera is much higher than what Iran currently has, but it is well behind the ability of US satellite cameras.

In the spring, Russian experts visited Iran to train potential operators of the satellite to perform their duties at a newly built facility near the city of Karaj, west of Tehran.

Iran announced on January 1 that it intended to raise uranium enrichment levels to 20 percent, and then resumed enrichment of uranium to 20 percent on January 4.

In April 2020, the Revolutionary Guard announced the successful launch of the country’s first military satellite into orbit. In response, Mike Pompeo, the then US Secretary of State, said Iran had violated a UN Security Council resolution and should be held accountable.

News agencies indicate that June 16 will be the summit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden in Geneva. The American side may raise the issue of the satellite.

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