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Index – Abroad – it turned out to be the smartest country in the world

Acting on the common sense of different societies and observing their common achievements, they sought to answer the question of which is the smartest nation in the world? What societies have contributed the most to the development of civilization? Which of them do better in school and which of them have the highest IQ?

To measure intelligence, the survey takes into account the number of Nobel Prizes each country has won, the current average level of intelligence and educational attainment, illustrating the potential intelligence of the next generation. Forbes.

Leading countries

The list is dominated by Asia and Europe, Japan It ranked first on all three scales, ranked fifth in school tests and sixth in terms of Nobel Prizes and current IQ. Comes in second place SwitzerlandAnd third place on the podium China. The United State It ranks fourth mainly because of its extraordinary dominance in the Nobel Prize category, with 368 prizes representing nearly three times the prizes awarded by the United Kingdom, which ranked second. However, in terms of current IQ, the United States ranks 28th and in school rankings 13th, which does not bode well for future rankings.

Hungary ranks 16th.

In terms of the Nobel Prize, Hungary ranks 21st in the world with nine Nobel Prizes, 24th for intelligence and 98th for educational attainment, and 14th for educational attainment.

While five countries in Europe currently in the top ten are impressive – Switzerland in second, the Netherlands in fifth, Russia in sixth, Belgium in seventh, and the United Kingdom in eighth – Asia is the most likely future. Singapore Ranked 25th – Its position is greatly influenced by the 73rd place in terms of Nobel Prizes, while it ranks 1st in terms of current level of intelligence and educational attainment.

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Nobel Prizes

The Western world dominates the top 25 countries in the Nobel Prize, as the Nobel Prize is a Western institution. However, do not expect that this will remain the case in the coming years, because the unstoppable development of Asian intelligentsia rightly brings more and more rewards.

Current national IQ

You have to scroll to number seven to find a country on this list outside of Asia. Finland is the first western country to be included in the list. While the United States is not even among the top 25 countries in terms of national IQ, Mongolia climbed to 12th place, with an average IQ of 100, and Hungary ranked 24th with an IQ of 98.1.

school performance

Judging by the IQ rankings, it’s no surprise that Asia Also for students who are doing well in school Leading – takes the top five. Russia ranks sixth among the best, while the United States ranks 13th. Hungary follows closely at 14th based on the high score of students – 29.4 percent of Hungarian students perform admirably. The UK is nowhere to be found, but if there was a surprise on the list, Kazakhstan would probably be in ninth place.

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