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Index – Abroad – lives on such a large foundation that it brings shoes from Venezuela to Venezuela

16.09.2021. 08:52

Jason Rodriguez of Venezuela, the world’s largest man, received another 69-foot shoe from Germany, this time, according to the Guinness Book of Records. The 24-year-old suffers from a disease called acromegaly, also known as gigantism It cannot be cured with medication or surgery. The z He is constantly growing due to a pituitary tumor, and his legs and arms have grown disproportionately.

In 2018, shoemaker George Wessels of North Rhine-Westphalia made it size 68 shoes. Then Rodríguez personally took over the shoe department in Germany. But this time, due to the coronavirus pandemic, that isn’t possible, so on Tuesday, the Catholic relief organization in Latin America, Adveniat, acquired the black leather sandals in Essen, which it will deliver to Maracay, Venezuela.

Rodríguez needs very sturdy shoes with orthopedic insoles and he also has a strong ankle trough.

If he walked barefoot, he wouldn’t be able to stand on his feet at all in a short time

Said the shoemaker, whose family workshop has been supplying the giant of the world with special shoes for decades, which greatly helped them accept themselves and venture into the ordinary person. Three years ago, the three tallest men in the world, including the 2.51-meter Turkish Sultan Kosen, received new specially designed shoes from him.

(Cover Photo: Shoemaker George Wessels presents the new sandal for the world’s oldest man and his book with paintings by Jason Rodriguez. Photo: Bernd Thiessen/Alliance Images/Getty Images)

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