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Index – Abroad – London sends troops to the Polish border to prevent the European Union from confronting the Russians

The United Kingdom sent troops to Poland at Warsaw’s request, with a contingent of 10 people to visit the Polish-Belarusian border, which had become a migration crisis area, to look at ways to strengthen the protection of the Polish border. According to a statement from the British Ministry of Defense, British soldiers have nothing to do but perform engineering duties.

However, their arrival coincides with the fact that Russia He commanded bombers towards Belarus, and today there are reports of Russian paratroopers landing from the air during military exercises near the border.

Analysts agree that this is a scholastic example of effort.

However, Lukashenko’s regime in the Kremlin, in return for Russian support, brought Belarus and Russia closer to the so-called union In October, the Russian and Belarusian defense ministries agreed to deepen military cooperation, with a number of future joint military exercises on the calendar.

Thus, the arrival of British soldiers is a little strange, since there will be 26 other EU member states that can provide technical assistance, such as Hungary, which for the first time is erecting a fence against stopping immigration. The UK is no longer a member of the European Union, although that’s the point

Meanwhile, migrants camped at the Polish border did not look like they would return any time soon, although there were reports of militants from Belarus. I wouldn’t let that happen. However, they are helping with the camp auction and a possible border blockade, at least as the video below suggests, with migrants transporting logs in a truck.

Meanwhile, the Polish authorities are bombarding the people trapped at the border with SMS, where warnThat the Belarusian authorities deceived them, and therefore does not accept anything from them, nor the pill, because they can be poisoned, which may play a role in the EU’s human rights responsibilities. The Messages They are also required to return to Minsk.

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They can hardly do that

(Cover photo: Refugees and soldiers at the Polish-Belarus border on November 12, 2021. Photo: MTI/EPA)