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Index – Abroad – Lukashenko is not interested in anything, promises a “brutal reaction” to Polish military exercises

10.31.2021. 09:16
Modified date: 31.10.2021. 09:16

Alexander Lukashenko put it frankly: he promises a “brutal reaction” to the impending military exercises in Poland.

They don’t care about any criticism

The president announced.

It is believed that Warsaw is using the military movement against illegal immigration as a pretext Belarusian border Command your army in your immediate surroundings, written by portal.

The situation is getting worse

Migration pressure is increasing at the borders of Poland and Lithuania

As is well known, the member states of the European Union bordering Belarus and Lithuania Poland And illegal immigrants, mostly from Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Iran, have been arriving at the Latvian and Latvian borders for months. EU member states accuse the Belarus president of moving migrants to the borders of EU countries on his orders in retaliation for Western punitive measures against Belarus. a Polish-Belarusian minority His situation is very difficult today, We wrote about it here in more detail.

Last week, the Warsaw Defense Ministry announced that military exercises would be launched in eastern Poland. It is planned to deploy 10 armored brigades and 700 soldiers. According to Poland, a military presence on the eastern border is needed to catch illegal immigrants. Poland’s Defense Minister Mariusz Puschatek has announced that about 6,000 Polish soldiers will protect the Polish-Belarus border from increasing immigration pressures. Reuters.

Two Polish soldiers were wounded while about sixty illegal immigrants were arrested along the Belarusian-Polish border German wave. After that, the Polish Minister of Defense decided to raise the six thousand people stationed on the border to ten thousand. Meanwhile, Poland is building a wall worth 1.6 billion zlotys (about 126 billion forints) along the Belarusian border.

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