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Index – Abroad – Lukashenko saw dolphins with Putin and made 500 million

2021.05.30. 11:10

President Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Russia has ended. Once again, the Russian president, who was isolated from the kidnapping scandal in Minsk, once again threw a lifeline and even organized a boat trip for him.

Vladimir Putin and his guest, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, visited the inhabitants of the Black Sea dolphin. The Russian president received his colleague in Sochi on Friday, and the two drivers set out on Saturday for a boat trip. TASSZ is a Russian news agency Report According to the appropriate time, they decided to hold the informal part of the meeting on the Kremlin yacht.

Bloomberg states in its video that during the visit the parties agreed to another loan agreement.

Russia is providing $ 500 million in aid to the Belarusian economy after the former Soviet republic expected more harsh Western sanctions.

This week, European Union member states uniformly banned Belavia from its airspace after a Ryanair flight was forced to land in Minsk to detain Roman Protaszevic, who was traveling on the plane. The leader of the Belarusian opposition movements last year and his Russian girlfriend, who was also on the plane, have been imprisoned since then in a Minsk prison. They are imprisoned.

In response to the diplomatic scandal, Lukashenko traveled to Russia, where Putin assured the increasingly isolated president of Minsk his support on the international stage.

And Western countries have already imposed economic sanctions on Belarus due to the circumstances of the elections last August and the suppression of the protests that preceded them. European Union officials and member state leaders this week began talks about new pressure tools that could be used against Belarus. It is assumed that a decision will be made on sanctions against the Belarusian energy sector and companies that trade with the country. Another bad news for Minsk is that not only the European Union but the G7 countries are negotiating joint action.

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