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Index – Abroad – minute-by-minute news of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on the index

Index reports that a Hungarian military truck in Belarus, on Route 10, passed a massive military convoy around 2 p.m. The driver entered Belarus last night in Brest, and at the end of his rest he made his way to the Russian border at noon and followed the convoy provided by police cars in the Drachensky district for at least an hour, and then passed it. when they stopped.

Based on the experience of the former Hungarian army, only the driver, who has been transporting on the Belarusian-Russian road for the past 10 years, believes that he may have seen a red convoy transporting red-flagged trucks also a truck with a black license plate goulash.

He could not determine whether the Belarusian or Russian vehicles were the same in the successor countries of the former Soviet Union.

When asked if he’s ever seen the letter Z drawn on a truck, he replied that it wasn’t, but rather a letter that had the letter V drawn on it.

He also reported that several Hungarian trucks were on their way into Ukraine when the Russian attack was revealed. Based on the exchange of information between drivers, transport organizers immediately tried to return them to the nearest safe border crossing. There were acquaintances who tried to come to Hungary in the morning with a Ukrainian crossing from Belarus, but by that time, the Ukrainian army had closed the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, and the local customs had escaped. They were not even allowed to cross the border, so now they are returning home to Brest, touching Poland.

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According to the driver, the shipping fee to Russia has become terribly more expensive: a shipment of Hungarian seeds is now being transported to Krasnoyarsk by road via Belarus for ten thousand euros.