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Index – Abroad – More than 26 Hungarians stranded in Kabul, as confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2021.08.17. 15:09

The Dutch embassy in Kabul was protected by a Hungarian company in Dubai Twenty-six Hungarian employees I worked in the Afghan capital – security experts are waiting for evacuation.

We have reached out to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs on this matter, and we will pass on their answer unchanged:

As in all crisis situations, the application for Hungarian citizens stranded abroad is ongoing, and the data changes from day to day. We also saw this phenomenon in the spring, when Hungarian citizens from all over the world had to be brought back in the event of a crisis caused by the coronavirus. the twenty six We have already agreed with a military ally to release a Hungarian team, and we are constantly monitoring the process. Meanwhile, in addition to the twenty-six people, other Hungarian citizens also applied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are also in constant contact, and their exact details and findings cannot be disclosed for security reasons.

They wrote in their response.

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