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Index – Abroad – More than five million EU citizens have applied for a British residence permit

The number of EU citizens who have applied to UK authorities for a permanent residence permit has exceeded 5.4 million, according to figures released by the UK Home Office on Thursday.

The UK withdrew from the EU on January 31 last year, but EU citizens who have legally and habitually immigrated to the country until the end of 2020, the end of the 11-month transition period following the expiration of the British EU (Brexit), can still remain in the country. They can retain all the rights they have acquired. However, they must apply for an indefinite residence permit, which was established in the name of an official law.

As of April 30, 5,423,300 of the 27 EU citizens living in the UK had done so, according to a monthly summary by the Home Office in London on Thursday.

By the end of last month, UK authorities had already processed 5,118,300 applications, all of which were almost in favor: the rate of rejected applications was only 1 per cent.

An additional 1 per cent of the submitted applications were withdrawn by the applicants and 1 per cent were found to be invalid for some reason.

According to a UK Home Office report on Thursday, 52 per cent of applications valued by the end of April have been granted permanent status and 44 per cent pre-established status. The latter is available to applicants who arrived before 31 December 2020 with the intention of establishing themselves, but have not yet completed the five year career in the UK at the time of submission. They can wait five years and then get a final residence permit. Until then, they are fully entitled to the rights they purchased.

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The UK Home Office did not provide data on how many citizens of each EU member state have applied for a residence permit in the monthly interim figures; It is only included in the quarterly detailed summaries. Next quarter figures are expected to be released on May 27th.

According to the latest quarterly summary released at the end of February, 131,120 Hungarians living in the United Kingdom had applied for immigration status by January 31.

EU citizens living in the UK must provide reliable proof of identity and standard of living in order to obtain established legal status. They should report if they have been convicted by a court before. This can be a platform for exclusion in some cases, such as someone serving more than a year in prison for previous crimes.

Those who have already lived in the UK on 31 December 2020 can apply for immigration status by June 30 this year. A comprehensive guide developed for this is available in Hungarian from the end of March This On the UK Government website.

Since the first day of this year, the British Government has introduced new, uniform immigration rules for new visitors from the European Union and non-EU countries, mainly using criteria for evaluating applications for establishment, based on the qualifications of applicants. And English language skills.