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Index – Abroad – Navalny’s daughter: We are the majority, they can’t silence us

06.08.2021. 20:42

Daria Navalnaya, the daughter of a jailed opposition politician, said the Russian authorities cannot silence critical voices like Alexei Navalny, who has expressed concern about the “rapid deterioration of democracy” in her country.

Daria Navalnaga, who lives in the United States, spoke at a virtual human rights conference at Geneva-based human rights advocacy organization UN Watch, where she received the organization’s “moral support” award on her father’s behalf.

Over the years, he has shown those in power who shamelessly abuse their power that it can’t work that way, and that we are the majority

– The 20-year-old stressed, adding: “We citizens decide who rules the country and for how long.”

Daria Navalnaga asserted that as a Russian citizen she was concerned about the rapid deterioration of democracy in her country, and said that her father wrote him a letter from prison asking for the award to be given to political prisoners in Russia and Belarus. “Most of them are in a much worse situation than me because they are not as famous as me. Daria Navalnaga quotes her father’s letter: ‘But they need to know that they are not forgotten and they are not alone.'”

In his speech, he also mentioned how scared and helpless he felt when the police searched their home as children. He also remembers how he supported his father, suspected of poisoning, during his recovery.

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