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Index – Abroad – Peter Szijardo praises British-Hungarian relations

“Following the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, we have now laid the foundations for effective British-Hungarian cooperation, based on mutual respect,” Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Peter Szijardo said in London.

According to a report by MTI, the minister attended the inauguration of the new building of the Hungarian embassy, ​​where he said: Europe is currently in a critical period, and the entire continent must face serious challenges.

Every day we receive many bad news and face many difficulties. This situation values ​​friendly, predictable relationships and stable partnerships such as the relationship between the United Kingdom and Hungary.

– said Peter Szijardo.

The minister also talked about the fact that British companies make up the sixth largest investor community in Hungary. About 55,000 people are employed in more than eight hundred companies.

As he put it, “in the spirit of mutual respect, Hungary may be the only member state in the EU that does not or is not qualified to comment on the outcome of the Brexit vote”.

Pieter Szijardo noted that the value of bilateral trade approached almost five billion euros for the first time last year, and this will be achieved this year as well.

According to him, cooperation between the two countries in the field of nuclear energy will also continue, so that there is no negative discrimination, and the definition of energy mix will be within national competence.

(Cover image: Peter Szijardo/Facebook)

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