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Index – Abroad – Pope Francis says some societies are tired of democracy

2021.12.05. 06:11

Pope Francis hailed the achievements of democracy in the Greek capital after being received by Greek President Catherine Sakellaropoulou. According to the Catholic Archbishop, the Great House of Democratic Peoples arose from the cradle of democracy: the dream of the European Union, peace and fraternity. He added that without Athens and Greece, Europe would be a less wise and less happy place today.

Pope Francis warned: The results must be protected.

He believed that the decline of democracy was not only on the European continent.

The movement said the Pope is of the view that some societies are drunk on consumption, tired of democracy, and unhappy with its results.

The Catholic archbishop called on everyone to participate in social life and politics and to be patient. According to him, the remedy for problems lies not in the forced pursuit of popularity and visibility, in impractical promises or abstract ideologies, but in good politics. Pope Francis He pointed to Europe’s responsibility in the migration crisis. The Catholic archbishop believes that Europe should be the engine of solidarity, but the continent at present is characterized by a lack of procrastination and coordination.

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