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Index – Abroad – Prince Harry changed his mind and did not travel to California

On Saturday, they finally said goodbye to Prince Philip, who died on April 9 at the age of 99. Prince Harry also traveled to the UK for the ceremony, which was also reported in detail by The Index. He writes that he should have returned to California yesterday, but he is said to be staying with his family for longer

As is known, the relationship between Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle in the royal family has deteriorated recently. The couple moved to America, then their differences were revealed in an interview and how their relationship with Harry’s relatives had deteriorated. Although pregnant Meghan Markle, on the advice of her doctors, did not take her husband to Prince Philip’s funeral, she was most likely not welcome due to meeting Oprah Winfrey. Earlier, the royal family had asked them in vain to postpone the presentation of the interview in light of Prince Philip’s health condition.

There was a close relationship between the grandfather and the grandson between Philip and Harry, and immediately after the news of the mourning was announced, he began to organize his return. Access was not easy as he would not have been able to attend the ceremony due to the epidemic measures, but he was exempted from quarantine rules. At the funeral, for the first time since March 2020, he met his brother, Prince William, with whom he had not had a pure relationship since Megast.

After the funeral, Harry spoke for hours with his brother and Prince Charles. The daily Mail According to the two brothers, they came to their impregnable father together because Charles did not want to meet his youngest son alone so as not to misinterpret his words afterwards. The royal family is now taking cautious steps to rebuild trust and

After a two-hour discussion, Harry decided not to return to California immediately, but rather to wait for the second. Elizabeth’s birthday. The Queen will turn 95 on April 21, and due to mourning and the pandemic, the Queen is now preparing for a quieter and more intimate event at Windsor Castle. Harry wrote that he is due to return to the UK later to attend the opening of a statue in memory of his mother, Princess Diana, which will take place at Kensington Castle on 1 July.

The gender of the fetus was also revealed.