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Index – Abroad – Quarantine awaits those arriving in England, negative test mandatory

The British government has temporarily lifted the possibility of non-quarantine entry into the UK from all countries from Monday. At the same time, the ruling came into effect requiring the introduction of only a negative coronavirus test.

Both measures went into effect at 4am local time and 5am CET.

According to the UK government, the purpose of these provisions is to enable the country to protect itself from the risks of introducing new variants of the coronavirus that may not yet be identified.

Last July, London put together a list of countries that had so far been able to enter the UK without a quarantine obligation. This circle has been narrowed several times, most recently four days ago.

Hungary was originally included in the quarantine countries, but was removed from this list in September, and since then arrivals from Hungary have to spend ten days – or, if they stay shorter, their entire stay – in isolation.

Thus, suspending the possibility of entry without the obligation to quarantine those coming from Hungary does not mean a change.

From Monday, those coming from abroad must show a negative coronavirus test result.

According to the measure, which also came into effect at 5am CET, a coronavirus screening report must be completed in English, French or Spanish.

Translations are not accepted by UK authorities, and travelers must submit original test results in print or on their mobile device as an email or SMS.

In addition to the test result, the report must include the name of the traveler in the same form as on the travel document, date of birth, the date the test provider collected or received the test sample, the name and contact details of the test provider and the name of the equipment used for the test.

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According to Britain’s Department of Transport, a coronavirus test can be taken up to 72 hours before departure and everyone must also complete an online passenger locator form. Travelers use this form to notify the UK authorities of where they will spend their apartheid time upon arrival and how to contact them there.

A negative coronavirus test result and the completion of a passenger locator form will already be checked by the carriers carrying passengers – airlines, rail and ferries – but upon arrival, British authorities can also request it and £500 (over 200,000 fort).) They may be fined for not complying with these requirements.

Arrivals from abroad are not exempted from the mandatory 10-day quarantine due to a negative coronavirus test result.

However, the quarantine period can still be shortened if travelers take another coronavirus test on the fifth day after their departure, which will also be negative.

The UK Government recommends that those wishing to take advantage of this possibility make an appointment with UK private providers who are eligible for the test, Government portal.

The second test to shorten the quarantine period can only be done with private UK paid service providers, and no free coronavirus checks are available from the UK Public Health Service (NHS) for this.

Vaccination in the island nation is steady, with a total of more than four million doses, MTI reports.