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Index – Abroad – Romanian President Viktor Orban has been criticized, and is waiting for an explanation

The Romanian head of state clarified his position in response to a press question at a joint press conference with Maya Sandu, President of the Republic of Moldova. he said that

Viktor Orbán’s statement about racial promiscuity was an “unacceptably grave mistake”.

Iohannis also reported that he had asked RMDSZ leaders to state publicly whether they agreed with Viktor Orbán’s statements, because after the speech in Tosphanius, RMDSZ politicians who were present praised the Hungarian Prime Minister.

“RMDSZ should make this clear publicly, as an important part of the RMDSZ administration and ministers were present at the event. They will have to clarify whether they agreed with the content of the speech they applauded – which would be very complex – or whether they did not understand what it was about. They generally praised the actor,” the head of state said in According to his report, Yohannes added that as well

Nobody in Romania wants to cause a government crisis because a foreign figure spoke badly.

“It is true that in the meantime in Vienna Prime Minister Viktor Orban somehow tried to withdraw or reinterpret the statements, this is a sign that he realized that this does not work in the European Union,” he added.

Meanwhile, Clement Honore, President of RMDSZ, explained in his interview with Maszol that Viktor Urban’s sentences should be interpreted in context, “otherwise, even with the best of intentions, they can be misinterpreted, not to mention when someone intentionally wants to misinterpret and want to express their opinions.” or their biases by misinterpretation’.

Today, it is still very fashionable for fascism and de-racism to anyone who disagrees with us or does not speak with us in the same voice without any deeper and more accurate thinking.

– said the head of the Hungarian party, who also added: “I have known Viktor Orbán for a very long time, and I have had the opportunity to speak with him at length several times about many things, and I dare say firmly that there is not an iota of racism in Orbán, and I consider these accusations They are the usual accusations.”

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