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Index – Abroad – Russian elections: even cell phones killed Navalny

The Russian parliamentary elections began on Friday, and this great day culminated in another anti-navy draw by the Russian authorities. Dissident activist and employee Alexei Navalny, imprisoned in prison, developed an app to help users “vote smart” – but by Friday, the app had disappeared from the internet.

The goal of smart voting is to draw seats from Vladimir Putin’s party, United Russia, in local and federal legislation. The application presents users with candidates who have a good chance of competing with the United Russia candidate in that constituency.

However, according to Reuters reports, the app was canceled on Friday Apple and Google Also from her offer after Russian authorities kindly indicated to the Russian representatives of the two technicians that they could go behind bars if the two companies did not comply with a call from Russia’s communications authority, Roskomnadzor a month ago.

The official instructions were justified on the grounds that Navalny’s organizations Classified as extremist. a Navalny released Its purpose in Russian public life is to prevent the opposition and its allies from infiltrating the election result. That is why the authorities took every legal opportunity to get rid of the opposition to Navalny, whose leaders also left Russia.

Of course, someone else is turning away from the path, trying to surrender all the creativity of power to roll obstacles For candidates who did not start with his colors.

The Kremlin is now limiting the activities of US giants once they impose restrictions on their technology sector. This is also why the victory of United Russia is so important, because in this way the laws that it enacted will pass easily and without obstacles. According to the Moscow Times, they are already working on legislation that would significantly reduce the room for maneuvering international providers.

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Apple confirmed that the app had been canceled, but added solace that the app remained available outside of Russia.

In the Russian elections, the polls will be filled until the evening of Sunday 19 September. It is difficult to determine the fairness of the process, as the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has not sent monitors to Russia for the first time in a long time.

It could be in Russia anyway Online voting, az voluntary quarantine The incumbent president also voted this way.