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Index – Abroad – Sex is decided by a woman and marriage by a man

American Kevin Samuels A struggling photo consultant, she’s been helping women get in shape on a daily basis for many years. The 51-year-old Black Man’s YouTube channel has begun to spread in popularity in recent weeks, and is now followed by hundreds of thousands of viewers daily. What makes this recovery? Her position originally started as a field style consultant, but recently she’s been analyzing the breakup of the modern black woman as part of a phone show.

It’s not the kind of angry link channel where frustrated guys can complain about live broadcasts. Conversely, Samuels actually only answers calls from passionate / desperate single women who can talk about their dating adventures and relationship desires – in return, the host tells them why they’re such a loser. Mostly the online production tries to talk to black people, but of course not just about them.

He is angry at them

According to Randiguro, in the history of mankind, women have never been freer, yet they are now happier than ever – this indicates that they must be led. His judgments can be calculated after a while, as they are organized into types.

  • Most women today imagine themselves to be princesses and / or bosses due to half a century of media propaganda, although in reality they are just trying to stuff them with these suggestive cover stories. Modern feminism is a minor scam, a marketing ploy.
  • Because of its inflated self-image, fans of ordinary women dream of one day becoming wives. They want to price dismantled, used, and damaged goods as an exclusive model. And because they basically consider themselves the big prize (just because they were born alive), they look at the common hard-working guy, and say he’s “not good enough” for them.
  • Sex is decided by the woman, but commitment is on the part of the man, because marriage is a very expensive hobby. While a woman may be justifiably interested in a man’s money, as she can also benefit from it – on the contrary, this is unrealistic, a man cannot obtain a woman’s money. Hence, the man also places women’s diplomas and their careers high, on the dating market they are nearly worthless arcades.
  • There is no problem with professionals, but anyone who focuses on his studies or career advancement of childbearing age should not be surprised later when a man with a stable life tries to leave offspring in the world as part of an insecure pregnancy. He who is left behind will make mistakes. Most of the time, women call a simple job a career anyway, so they think it makes sense to postpone starting a family.
  • Our grandparents also deceived each other, but we only found out after their funeral because the priorities had been still there for a long time and they knew what discretion and cohesion was. Delinquency isn’t legal, but it can happen and you should respond to it as an adult.
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Welcome to Aunt Cat Factory!

Kevin Samuels is convinced that the enemies of women are not men, but girlfriends who stun, believe, and deceive each other into nonsense. For example, being a full-time wife is bondage, not a luxury. Or they would be wonderful exceptions to which no regularity applies. However, when the coronavirus broke out, many of them realized they couldn’t shop for weeks on their own – Samuels said it might give them hope for sobriety now.

According to Randiguro a special trip

The simplest misunderstanding is that men will be some kind of magic lottery ticket, and among them, if you research enough, you will sooner or later get to Toto.

In comparison, a man who can support more children with honor also has expectations, both externally and internally. You have to work hard for them: Go to the gym if you have to, go to therapy if you have to.

Because men are visual, they love beauty, and women score looks. And as for the character, they are looking for a cooperating partner, not a match. So anyone whose first conversational reaction is to contradict or attack will never have agents, especially if they never smile. For anyone with a lot of challenge, take a pet and die alone (Buy a dog and die alone) Sounds like the most frequent good advice.

schematic? clearly. provocative? Nana. However, it is common. It’s not usual to say things like this now (either). Of course, it’s also exciting about the Kevin Samuels phenomenon that the need to transcend the new wave of feminism is developing in an ethnic minority. But the most interesting thing is how many women agree with the presenter every day and how many women thank him for his warnings – so loud, but actually – being polite.

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By the way, the hostess is asking that no one who is really a happy wife or never wants to marry her should contact her. This offer is not for them.

(Cover Photo: Bear Anders Peterson / Getty Images)