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Index – Abroad – Spain The British are waiting with open arms, but they are not allowed

The Spanish government has lifted restrictions on arrivals to the UK in order to stimulate the economic recovery as well. But Spain is still a mid-rated country in the UK, which means Brits are advised to travel if it is for family or business reasons, he writes.

Back in the island nation, the same rules apply to people: a 10-day quarantine and two tests await everyone.

Spain welcomes all British tourists. We wait for them in Hungary without restrictions or health requirements

– Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who added that in addition to the European Union, we also welcome travelers from New Zealand, South Korea and China, while travelers from outside Europe who have already been vaccinated will be welcomed from June.

In Spain, a state of emergency was declared last October due to the epidemic that ended on May 9, but certain restrictions remain – which vary from region to region.

The use of masks is still mandatory for people over the age of six on public transportation and in many indoor and outdoor locations, in addition to maintaining a 1.5 meter distance between people.

While the Spaniards wait with open arms From Great Britain Upon their arrival, British Transport Secretary Grant Shaps warned his countrymen that the country was still subject to medium-rated amber rules.

The prime minister was clear, amber means that no one should be going to those countries at the present time, for example, if there is an urgent family matter. We are moving forward with our schedule, which is due to open on June 21st, but we need to be careful about that.

Said Anne Marie Trevelyan, British minister.

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