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Index – Abroad – Ten thousand Haitians sleep under a bridge in Texas

More than ten thousand people who fled political, economic, and climatic crisis have gathered in Hittite on the southern border of the United States in the hope that they will be able to reach the land of promise. But for now, they had to be disappointed, and while they were waiting for their asylum application to be processed, they camped under the Del Rio International Bridge.

Reuters reported that Haitian migrants, like people from the Middle East and Central Asia, move in foreign regions based on messaging apps. The Haitians who told the news agency followed the methods posted on WhatsAppen in Mexico to avoid the authorities who supposedly deported them to a safe third country. The video below testifies that Mexicans are trying to prevent illegal immigration, but they have no easy task.

Under the bridge, and most of the camps are men, women, especially with children, make up a small minority. In addition to the mixing of Haitians, Cubans, Venezuelans and Central Americans, but it is clear that the Mexican authorities include Haitians in the majority.

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In the Caribbean in July The president was assassinated, which caused an internal political crisis and swept the island in August, due to the force of 7.2 Earthquake Supported.

a Reuters According to his report, those who do not want to wait for official action at the border will cross the Rio Grande River, which separates the United States and Mexico, by the hundreds, but will not be greeted with hospitality in the land of opportunity. . The news agency reports that the US border guards are overcrowded, the migrant camps are not prepared for the influx of people, and this is something Republican politicians are rubbing under the noses of the Biden government. The president has promised a more humane refugee policy than his predecessor, Donald Trump, but some conservative politicians say that’s why a wall needs to be built to control immigration.

The legitimate question arises as to why they wanted to enter the United States through Mexico. The answer is simple: it’s easier than mobilizing with the US Coast Guard, you can hide from the authorities in Mexico, you can form a critical mass of immigrants from other countries in the region along the way, and the US border guards are already overwhelmed, they are more likely to cross the border.

The Republican governor of Texas has already given his head to build his own wall after the Democratic president suspended Trump’s failed, multimillion-dollar wall project. They can, however, follow Hungary’s lead Tucker CarlsonThe Fox TV narrator admired the Hungarian fence. However, the Hungarian-Serbian-Croatian technical border should cover a part of 175 km, and the US-Mexico border is more than 3,000 km long.

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Biden has pledged $3 billion to bolster border guards to ease the migrant crisis, which critics say has worsened after Trump.

The money will likely be needed too, with 195,000 migrants arrested at the southern border in August alone.

By the way, the Democratic president did not cancel all the winning measures on immigration, for example, he left the justified measure to limit the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, with which whole families can be returned to Mexico in a matter of seconds. True, according to a federal judge, this practice cannot be applied to families.