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Index – Abroad – The former Romanian Minister of Tourism has to go to prison

Thursday’s ruling marks the end of a complex legal process that began six years ago. In 2016, the Anti-Corruption (DNA) Public Prosecutor’s Office indicted Audra for multiple bribery, abuse of office and embezzlement of European funds.

According to the indictment, Odera demanded bribes from businessmen in several public procurement actions, representing ten percent of the contract value, and a boxing party in 2011 from public funds illegally funded by the ministry he heads.

The corruption case was filed in 2018 for the first time final verdictand others in the Roman Supreme Court, Odrea was not imprisoned at that time because of Flee from power to Costa RicaDuring Romania’s protracted extradition proceedings, the Constitutional Court took a decision declaring the formation of the judicial councils of the five-member Supreme Court illegal, and overturned all these rulings (including Udre’s) retroactively to 2014.

Since then, Oderia’s file has been brought to the European Court of Justice, and on Thursday a five-member judge of the duly constituted Romanian Supreme Court made the final decision to imprison the politician.

Police searched the convict unsuccessfully at the Elfov county home on Thursday because it was revealed that he had left the country in the morning before the verdict was announced. Udrea was not under official supervision, so he was able to legally leave Romania. Police immediately issued International Vertigo and announced Thursday night that Audra had been arrested in Bulgaria near the Greek border as a result of cooperation between the two countries. The Romanian authorities began extradition proceedings.

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Elena Odrea’s affairs are still high in the media in Romania because she was one of the most powerful and influential politicians in the country during the 10 years he was in the Posescu presidency. In another illegal campaign financing case – Where one of the daughters of Băsescu was sentenced to serve a prison sentence – He was sentenced in the first instance to eight years in prison, but the appeal is still pending in this case.

Not only his stepson, but also the former president, currently politicized as a member of the European Parliament, has been in a difficult situation recently: Băsescu lost the privileges of the former Romanian head of stateAmong other things, he was evicted from his assigned Protocol Villa after the Supreme Court ruled in a final ruling in March that fifty years ago, as a college student, he collaborated with the former communist intelligence service, the Securitate.