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Index – Abroad – The G7 summit kicked off with the discovery of Biden and Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has described the relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom as indestructible. The summit of the Group of Seven, which includes the seven richest countries in the Western world, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy and the European Union, began on Friday. The ceremony began with a wedding dance from Washington and London after he met British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden in person for the first time.

Following a similar document signed by the two leaders eight decades ago, the two leaders agreed on a new Atlantic pact on Thursday. The eight-point document, accompanied by a joint statement of twenty details on Thursday’s bilateral meeting, states in the first point that the two countries are committed to safeguarding democracy and open societies.

It is a long-term relationship that has greatly contributed to enriching and bringing peace to Europe and the world

formulated In an interview with BBC Boris Johnson.

As the current chair of this year’s G7 summit, the United Kingdom is organizing, in addition, the United Nations is scheduled to hold the United Nations Climate Conference in November. Boris Johnson’s government set the agenda of the seven most advanced economies in the Western world accordingly.

Although global warming has made a noticeable return, the coronavirus pandemic is holding the palm of the hand.

The meeting will focus on the recovery of the global economy affected by the pandemic, but they will also discuss the development of protection against the upcoming pandemic. Tensions between the United States and China have dented free trade in the past, but they have suffered serious casualties during the pandemic — the parties are also trying to restore that, according to the agenda.

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G7 summit website Not lacking in resounding slogans, richer countries for example promise to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor in order to recover as quickly as possible. They will create more jobs and work closely together to develop technology.

Regarding the latter, they note that thanks to the cooperation the Western world was able to quickly develop vaccines.

The ideological flash in the East, common at the G7 summit, promises to be even more exciting. The initial agenda shows that it will also draw attention to the shared values ​​of the Western world, they put it: It is the responsibility of the G7 to help the world’s poorest regions after the pandemic. However, this is envisioned through global development strategies, support for democracy, women’s education, increased food security, health and a sustainable economy.

The meeting will be attended by G7 leaders, but there will also be seven ministerial-level meetings. This is supplemented by discussions from different social groups, from the younger generation of politicians to women’s organizations to education, science and business in the coming days.

(Cover Photo: Boris Johnson and Joe Biden at the G7 Summit on June 10, 2021. Photo: Toby Melville/AFP)