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Index – Abroad – The German Free Democrats formed a government with the CDU

Christian Lindner, leader of the German Free Democrats, said they are ready to negotiate with the Christian Democrats (CDU) to form a new governing coalition.

The FDP wants to implement a rapid government formation by mid-December

Lindner said buildink. The politician explained that they agree with the Christian Democrats on more things than the Social Democrats (SPD), who won first place in the elections, but at the same time they would like to see them actively. government formation they seek.

The politician thus hinted that the Christian Democrats would wait for the time being, likely anticipating the failure of coalition talks in the SPD and then being able to start their own talks from a favorable position. Lindner male:

We are willing to negotiate a [Kereszténydemokrata] Union, expect the same from them.

Incidentally, the Liberal Democrats may also get into trouble with the Greens, who also have a coalition chance. The first would lower taxes, while the Greens would increase them and tax the rich in the first place. Lindner acknowledged that they do have differences, but they have in common that they want to change current German politics and that their electoral camp It is made up largely of young people.

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