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Index – Abroad – The Kremlin is angry, accusing the European Union and the United States of meddling

Russian officials have been accused of interfering in Russia’s internal affairs ahead of the upcoming elections with Russian officials on Thursday, MTI writes.

In his decision on the State Duma website, Vyacheslav Volugin, deputy speaker of the House of Commons of the Russian parliament, called for an “unfriendly step” and an “attempt to interfere” in Russian internal affairs and “pressure on Russian citizens.” European Parliament ApprovedHe called for a review of the EU’s policy towards Russia and the need for EU member states to be willing not to recognize the outcome of the Russian elections.

We will not tolerate such decisions

– said Volugin, adding that the decision of the European Parliament was adopted before the Russian political will. According to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Russian elections “unlike those that took place in the United States and European countries, are open where observers are present at the polling stations.

You have to deal with the organization of your states, the problems of the citizens who elected you.

– Vologyin said MEPs.

Russian Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zharova told Pervig Canal TV that Russia provided the United States with specific facts, including IP addresses, to prove its participation in the Russian parliamentary elections.

And saying that they do not accept the accusations and do not disagree with them, they will not get away with it. These are facts, this is factual material

Zharova confirmed. He added that Russia’s patience is not without limits with regard to US companies that interfere in Russia’s internal affairs. Zharova hinted that supporters of opposition politician Alexei Navalny, called Smart Voting, have started a project in constituencies to support the governor’s most likely candidate against United Russia. She called on the Russian authorities to remove the instructions for participation from many IT companies, especially the American ones, warning them that this is material classified as “extremist”. When they disobeyed, the Russian Foreign Ministry asked the US ambassador in Moscow, who was told that it was “absolutely unacceptable” to interfere in Russia’s internal affairs. According to the ministry, evidence supporting the fact of the intervention was handed over to the head of the mission at that time.

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Russian voters will vote on the new composition of the lower house of the federal parliament for a three-day period starting on Friday. Meanwhile, the leaders of nine regions will be directly elected and three indirectly, and the fate of the mandates of the 39 regional legislatures will be decided. In addition, 4,474 referendums were held in 85 regions of the country. In elections in Russia, 108 million voters in 96,000 polling stations and two million voters outside the country can vote.