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a Corriere della Sera He did a cursory interview with the girl who happened to be Six doses The Pfizer vaccine was given.

My head hurts, I’m so tired and scared. But I am still alive

Virginia, 23, said when asked about her whereabouts.

He also said that the doctors immediately realized he had made a mistake and told him so. That’s why he didn’t even think of filing a complaint against the vaccination doctor and the nurses for the mistake, because he thought anyone could do it.

However, if there are health consequences of an overdose, then someone should take legal responsibility for what happened.

By the way, doctors still do not know for sure what the consequences of an overdose may be, but they have not encountered anything unusual during the observations yet.

According to the girl, it may be necessary to re-inject the vaccine, as doctors say an overdose may even lead to no antibodies forming in the body at all.

He added that if he needed it, he would give the vaccine again – but then he would only take one dose.

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