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In Slovakia, a new decision of the Public Health Office (ÚVZ) on mass events entered into force on Wednesday. Based on this, mass events are divided into three groups based on the degree of danger, according to the parameter.

Low, medium and high risk events were identified by ÚVZ, based on the potential for up to 100 people to participate in Category 1 events or up to 50 percent of the total capacity. The government has also listed events in which participants wear a respirator, do not eat or drink, and the audience must be seated and free from singing and/or shouting.

In events of moderate severity, only a maximum of 25 percent of the amplitude is recommended to accommodate movement, or a maximum of 100 may be present. Here, too, a respirator is necessary and there are fixed benches and booths.

In the latter category, high-risk group events can accommodate up to 20 people and the availability of attendees must be documented. Weddings, fairs, celebrations, parties, balls, discos, and events in a restaurant are considered high-risk events. It is also recommended to wear a respirator here, but food is allowed.

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