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Index – Abroad – The rule of law has also been the subject of a debate between Viktor Urban and Ursula von der Leyen

Viktor Orban met the President of the European Commission on Friday evening In Brussels – It emanated from a post the Prime Minister published on the community website. Among other things, the Hungarian Prime Minister and Ursula von der Leyen discussed the use of the European Recovery Framework in Hungary.

He also revealed in a tweet on Twitter to the President of the European Commission, in addition to the basis for recovery, the current situation was discussed with the Corona virus, the implementation of the European Union Green Agreement, the rule of law report, global issues and the Western Balkans.

According to the government draft, it is around 5800 billion HUF Recovery window Spends on nine major development components:

  • Demography and general education: 458.27 billion HUF.
  • Universities renewal: 1,191.52 billion HUF,
  • Subsequent settlements: 219.96 billion HUF,
  • Water management: 163.51 billion HUF
  • Sustainable green transport: 1,417.60 billion HUF.
  • Energy: 428.10 billion HUF
  • Transition to a circular economy: HUF 353 billion.
  • Digitization: HUF 284.25 billion.
  • Healthcare: HUF 1268.01 billion
  • The tenth point is the country-specific recommendations that cannot be categorized as a policy: HUF 12.88 billion.

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