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Index – Abroad – there is an apartment in Chernobyl for 3,000 HUF per month, more and more apartments for rent

Each year, tens of thousands of tourists are drawn to a 2,600 square kilometer enclosed area surrounded by a power facility. This is why those responsible for controlling the area have serious real estate development plans.

Yes, you think well, a From the Chernobyl closed area We are talking about where the Kiev government will lease another 36 plots this year, including seven plots of land for potential solar parks.

Although 40 percent of the area will be almost forever uninhabitable at the human level due to the high radioactivity, the Ukrainian State Property Fund, which manages the state’s lands, “want to revive it from its ashes.”

After all, many former residents of the closed area returned to their already abandoned homes, where the radiation was higher than usual, But it is not fatal.

a Kiev Post According to him, if nothing else, low rental rates can make real estate attractive in the relative vicinity of the nuclear power plant, for example, 700 square meters is wasted for $ 11 a month, compared to $ 3,400.

Let’s see how much knowledge of the Kiev paper is!

The five-year lease is not expected to exceed HUF 11500 / month, but it is also possible that they will ask for 0.01 hryvnia for a two-story inn. According to the forecasts of the Ukrainian Real Estate Fund, the said hostel can be converted into a hostel, for example, by an enterprising investor.

There are those who have been making money from the nuclear disaster for a long time: 20 pieces of the box were rented out for five years. Among them is Olina Nixiporenko, who operates a 60-square-meter commercial building converted to ABC in Chernobyl for 3,700 HUF a month. It produces an average of 933 thousand forints in the absence of restrictions due to epidemics and epidemics. Although new government rules come into effect, store rent could rise sixfold.

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There is already a local hotel in the area, which is especially good for business HBO . Chernobyl series, the return of the wilderness to the gloom and the witch, In a closed area with many attractions.