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Index – Abroad – There is no one to pick salad in the UK

Workers in Eastern Europe did not return after Brexit, so there was no one to pick spinach in the country.

As long as you are in Australia Lack of lettuce In the UK, growers have had to throw away 150 tonnes of greens since the start of the season, with a 30 per cent harvest this year, according to Nicholas Ottley, director of Euroneus’ largest salad maker in Kent.

The shortage is due to the non-return of Eastern European workers after Brexit, so no one on the farm collects lettuce. Employers want to replace Central Asian workers called from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. This work was not attractive to the English.

Trying to bring the English here, we tried hard, but they did not come. We have been in contact with the Midstone Employment Center for four years, but so far not a single one has come here. So let’s leave it at that

Nicholas drove away.

Euronews correspondent Luke Hanrahan said

Last year alone, this one farm yielded 600 tonnes. It is difficult to get a job this year as it was last year. For example, farmers say there would be no such land in the UK if more seasonal workers were not allowed to remove this broccoli.

The British government is aware of the labor shortage and has extended the Seasonal Labor Plan until 2024. They are also working to make the area more attractive to the British Euronews.

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