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Index – Abroad – Transferring the deceased uncle to the post office to collect his pension

Two men took a dead man with them to a mailbox in Ko Carlo in southeast Ireland to collect his pension. The elderly man was reportedly one of their uncles, who the two men said were still alive when they left sunday world.

Apparently the retiree was supported by two attendees after they entered office. However, a woman suspected and reported it to the police.

One of those involved, Gareth Cockley, claimed that although the man was ill, he was still alive before they left, plus he received a glass of water and likely died in the mail.

We’re not likely to drag a dead man down the road, for God’s sake. He was still alive and the autopsy will prove that he had water in his body and when he died

said the man.

Gareth Oakley said that the old man gradually became more and more difficult to maintain, and he eventually started slipping on the ground. Several people there tried to help him, even with a pacemaker, but the retired man was no longer alive.

An Irish police spokesman said after the autopsy: The authorities did not suspect a crime. However, the case is still under investigation.

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