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Index – Abroad – We can still travel in person to the UK until the end of October

According to the UK Home Office on Monday, non-UK EU nationals can enter the country using their identity card until October. View. However, EU citizens residing in the island country can enter with an identity card for at least four years.

Britain withdrew from the EU on January 31 last year, but EU citizens who have legally and habitually settled in the country can still retain everything until the end of the 11-month interim period following the end of British membership (Brexit) in 2020. Acquired rights. However, for this, an indefinite residence permit with the official legal name To the solution level They have to resort.

Those who already have this, according to the draft regulation released by the British Home Office on Monday night Their condition, Or if they have submitted their application by the 30th of June the deadline for submission of application, they can enter the UK with proof of identity issued in their country by at least 31st December 2025.

EU citizens who do not live in the UK and have not been able to obtain established status will be able to use the ID card issued in their home country until October 1 this year, according to the British Home Office.

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